IN COVERSATION WITH ….. is an interview series in which guitarists share their love for and knowledge of the instrument. Suggestions are welcome.

Adrian Rooymans, performed with Eduardo Falu, Paco Pena, and many others. Was a transcriber for Harlekijn, a publisher of sheet music, where he worked on pieces by Paco Pena and Harry Sacksioni.

(We are aware of the video’s low sound quality and apologize for this. We thought the interview was too interesting to lose. Subtitles forthcoming.) 

Matthew McAllister, classical guitarist from Schotlandinterviewed by Guy Traviss, editor at Classical Guitar Magazine.

Pieter Nanne, owner of De Gitaarsalon, interviewed by Rob Overman for Brava NL Klassiek.

(Subtitles forthcoming)

Thomas Peperkamp, programmer at De Gitaarsalon, can be seen here tuning a piano and providing commentary as he goes along.

(Subtitles forthcoming)