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Masterclasses & Workshops

Saturday June 20:

  • Masterclass József Eötvös (Hungary), in his master courses, which concentrate on Baroque and chamber music, he carries out excellent musical/pedagogical activities. He is a regular jury member of international guitar competitions and the artistic leader of the International Guitar Festival in Esztergom and the Balatonfured International Guitar Festival. In his concerts, besides his own masterpieces and arrangements, the popularization of 20th century and contemporary Hungarian music plays an important role.

This masterclass costs 30 euros per 30 minutes, and will take place at the GitaarSalon in Enkhuizen. Sign Up.

Sunday June 21

  • Tango guitar workshop by Kay Sleking

Saturday June 20:

  • Masterclass Michel Haumont (France). Michel Haumont is a fingerstyle guitarist from the Chet Atkins and Marcel Dadi school. What makes his compositions unique is their melodiousness. His virtuosity never overshadows the strong, mellifluous tonality of his pieces.

This masterclass costs 30 euros per 30 minutes, and will take place at the GitaarSalon in Enkhuizen

When organizing workshops and masterclasses, we always look to collaborate with other parties, or serve a specific target group..

  • Every second quarter, we organize an orchestra workshop taught by Peter Constant of the Stichting Gitaar Orkest Nederland, as preparation for the Guitar Festival in June.
  • We strive to book at least one internationally renowned guitarist for a masterclass per annum, hoping to attract music academy students, and other enthusiasts from more distant parts of the country.
  • In order to anticipate interest, we try to combine workshops and masterclasses with concerts that have already been programmed.